A commitment to constant improvement in our manufacturing process enables us to upgrade more traditional methods of construction leading to better aesthetics, standards of quality and easy access to “non standard options”.

Neat Seam Finish

Instead of using clips to hold the diffuser together we can offer a neat seam which laps all components together offering a very strong and attractive joint.

Laser Cutting

All our sheet metal components are cut using our new Trumpf Fibre TruLaser cutting machine. This means all our products are of the highest quality, speed and accuracy.

Sheet Metal

All plenum boxes and sheet metal products are manufactured in our factory ensuring quality and fast turnaround. Ordering the plenum box with the Diffuser guarantees the correct fit and air distribution performance. Our plenum boxes can be manufactured to suit any site requirements e.g. to fit into low ceiling voids or exposed applications.

Galvanised Diffuser Range

To compliment the increase in projects with exposed galvanised ductwork we offer a range of products with a galvanised metal finish. The Diffusers can be fitted with either a galvanised steel plenum box or a spun top entry adapter.