About Us

We are proud to be British designers and manufacturers of Air Systems to the Architectural and Construction industries.


Total flexibility in our manufacturing capability to meet customer requirements


Consistent and extensive investment in machinery and tooling to provide  increasing productivity

Green commitment

Commitment to finding plant based packaging and using renewable energy


Providing the best value through technical knowledge, quality products and price

A commitment to constant improvement in our manufacturing process enables us to upgrade more traditional methods of construction leading to better aesthetics, standards of quality and easy access to “non standard options”.

Briteair Systems Ltd is a UK manufacturer of Grilles, Diffusers and Louvres with a special emphasis in the fabrication and technical knowledge of Swirl Diffusers.

We manufacture in Yorkshire, UK, and provide our customers with Diffusers to suit all ceiling tile arrangements or even bespoke items to suit the most demanding applications that today’s modern buildings require. We ensure that all our products are manufactured to the highest quality and that you, the customer, always gets the best value.

We are proud to be British designers and manufactures of Air Systems to the Architectural and Construction industries.


At our factory in Leeds, UK, we have developed a wide range of Grilles, Diffusers and Louvres. Our flexible and extensive manufacturing capability has developed due to the large investment we have made in sheet metal cutting and forming machinery. It has been our aim since Briteair was established to provide the Customer with a solution for even the most demanding applications. Technical assistance and value engineering have proven to be one of our great strengths. We can offer full CFD analysis showing animated airflows, velocities, temperatures and pressure drops. This enables us to demonstrate our products and prove selections offering our Clients peace of mind and the most efficient solution.