Arndale House – Manchester

Arndale House, Manchester

Oakwood Air Conditioning

Hurlstones Northern Ltd

SSW Type Straight Vane Swirl Diffusers

The initial problem with this contract was that the Architect had specified a narrow T ceiling tile arrangement which meant that any diffusers using a standard 594 x 594 overall dimension could possibly leave a gap on some edges as the diffuser sat in the ceiling grid. Due to the flexibility in our  manufacturing we were able to supply our Straight Vane Swirl Diffuser with an overall dimension of 596 x 596 to ensure that not only would the Diffuser sit snugly within the ceiling grid but that most importantly there would not be any visible gaps between the diffuser and the T section.

Another issue, as with all tower blocks, was to get the Diffusers and Plenum Boxes up to the higher floor levels. Typically, when using a standard lift, it can take a full morning just to get the plenum boxes to the required floor level. We were able to overcome this by using our new Plenumid Box which is a pyramid shaped box with the spigots and fixing bars supplied loose. This allows the Plenumid Boxes to be stacked on top of each other making it easy to get at least 50 No plenum boxes on just one pallet. The spigots and fixing bars take a matter of seconds to fit allowing the contractor to install our Diffusers quicker and more efficiently than other standard products on the market.