A full range of products to meet your needs

Our range of products are subject to continuous growth as we develop new and exciting diffusers to achieve your requirements on site. Although our standard range is extensive, we are also able to offer bespoke items to suit any specific need and are able to manufacture Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel Diffusers. Our investment in the best machinery and tooling enable us to offer our clients the flexibility in manufacturing required to suit todays leading building designs.

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    A comprehensive range of supply air diffusers, carefully designed to achieve high comfort criteria within the occupied zone.

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    A range of grilles and registers designed principally, for the extract of air from the occupied zone.

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    A range of External Weather Louvres - including Doors, Screens, Penthouse Louvres, Acoustic Louvres and Natural Ventilation Systems.

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    Fully sealed plenum boxes available in any size to suit the particular requirements of the client.

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